Licensing and Portfolio Building for CPD Assessment

This is one of a series of four sensitization areas hosted by Cledor Education under the auspices of the National Teaching Council (NTC), titled Sensitization on Education Policies. All in-service teachers in public and private institutions within the selected districts are encouraged to participate fully to, among others, gain deeper insights into the Teacher Portal Ghana (TPG), teacher licensing and registration, and learn all there is about building their portfolio for CPD assessment.


This part will equip in-service teachers to navigate the TPG with ease. Following that, it will equip participants with knowledge and understanding of their portfolio requirements for CPD assessment and how they will compile portfolio records for upload to their portal.


Participants will

  1. Understand the rationale for building a professional portfolio
  2. Analyze the expectations of portfolio assessors
  3. Familiarize themselves with the portfolio rubric
  4. Compile portfolio records for upload to their portal in TPG
  5. Gain insights into all possibilities presented within the TPG
  6. Use the TPG to manage all their licensing, CPD, and portfolio-related activities

Program Certification

Participants who meet the workshop requirements will receive a Certificate of Attendance issued in electronic format.


  • Introduction
    • Definitions & abbreviations
  • Using the Teacher Portal Ghana (TPG)
    • Opening TPG in a browser
    • The TPG interface
  • The teacher’s guide 
    • What I can do in my teacher account
  • Verifying certified service providers
  • Using FAQs
  • Accessing my teacher account
    • Forgot my password
    • Forgot my email address
  • Licensing Procedures for In-Service Teachers
    • Overview of teachers’ license
    • Teacher licensing and registration
    • Conditions to be fulfilled for licensing
    • Procedures for licensing
    • Steps for licensing
    • The license renewal
  • Building Portfolio for CPD Assessment   
    • The rationale for building a portfolio
    • How to compile a portfolio
      • Sample portfolio elements
    • Portfolio assessment
      • Key roles of district assessors
      • Key roles of regional assessors
    • The portfolio rubric
    • Uploading portfolio records to TPG
  • Hands-on Applications/Summative Evaluations