NTC Mandate and the Education Regulatory Bodies Act 1023

This is one of a series of four sensitization areas hosted by Cledor Education under the auspices of the National Teaching Council (NTC), titled Sensitization on Education Policies. All in-service teachers in the public and private sectors of the selected districts are encouraged to participate fully to update themselves with the provisions of the new Education Regulatory Bodies Act 2020, Act 1023 as it relates to the regulation of the teaching profession in Ghana.


To equip participants with the relevant provisions of the Education Regulatory Bodies Act 2020, Act 1023 which establishes the National Teaching Council with a mandate to regulate the teaching profession in Ghana.


Participants will

  1. Gain insights into all education regulatory bodies in Ghana
  2. Become familiar with NTC’s mandate
  3. Examine key provisions of the Act that establish the National Teaching Council
  4. Assess their roles as key stakeholders in the NTC mandate

Program Certification

Participants who meet the workshop requirements will receive a Certificate of Attendance issued in electronic format.


  • Introduction
  • Education Regulatory Bodies
    • Ghana Tertiary Education Commission
    • Commission for Technical and Vocational Education and Training
    • The National Teaching Council
    • The National Schools Inspectorate Authority
    • The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment
  • National Teaching Council
    • Introduction to the NTC Mandate
      • The NTC Mandate
      • Operationalization of the mandate
    • Administrative Provisions
    • Registration
    • Employment of Teachers
    • Miscellaneous
  • Administrative, Financial, & Miscellaneous Provisions
    • Administration of Regulatory Bodies
    • Financial Provisions
  • Summative Evaluations