Format: Online/Internet-based with Learning Management System (LMS)

Language: (en English ‎)

Time required: 4 hours to be spread over up to 2 days

Start Dates, Time, and Selected Districts:

Participating districts are categorized into 3 groups namely A, B, and C.

Group A:              Akwapim North Municipal

Group B:              Wasa Amenfi East Municipal

Group C:              Wasa Amenfi West Municipal

Group AGroup BGroup C
 2021  2021       2021
Sensitization Workshop on Education Policies29-Sept @ 4 pm30-Sept @ 4 pm1-Oct @ 4 pm


  • Though sessions are scheduled to start on specific dates, teachers who register and make payment early will be allowed to start self-paced activities in their LMS earlier. That means persons who start earlier will have additional time to acquaint themselves with their LMS and complete self-paced activities.  
  • Teachers will have up to 2 consecutive days (excluding Sundays) from the indicated start date to complete this workshop. During this period, various online discussions, breakout sessions, activities, presentations, and Q&A sessions will be scheduled for constituent groups.
  • This workshop has been significantly discounted for all in-service teachers in the selected districts.
  • Target Group: Teachers in all ranks, teaching/non-teaching staff
  • Method of recording and keeping attendance: Teacher’s INSET Logbook, NTC’s digital register for teachers, Cledor Education’s attendance register
  • Intended mechanisms for monitoring attendance and active participation (per hour or session) for the duration of the activity: Periodic recording of participant list; use of interactive learning; periodic formative activities, others are: Attendance register, Q&A, and group activities.
  • Method to be used for obtaining feedback or evaluation of the program:
    • Formative and summative assessment of participants
    • Questionnaires/Feedback forms
    • Video testimonials
  • List of references for participants to consult ahead of training:
    • Updates will be available in LMS and on discussion boards
  • Please note that there is a live Q&A session with the program facilitator.
    • Supplementary contents and activities will be available in participants’ LMS

Facilitator Information

Name: Francis Mensah-Okyere

Position: CEO, Cledor Ltd.

WhatsApp/Telephone: 054 632 0697/ 024 931 4836

Email: [email protected]