Critical Thinking Skills for Healthcare Innovations with EmoEles (NMC)

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Critical Thinking in Self-Directed Learning (SDL) with EmoEles: A Comprehensive Lifelong Learning Tool for the 21st Century Nursing & Midwifery Professional  

This professional development training introduced by Cledor Education is one of four (4) courses in a portfolio titled INNOVATIONS IN SELF-DIRECTED STUDY AND REFLECTIVE PRACTICE. The portfolio aims to provide participants with the knowledge of current and emerging developments in self-directed study, time management, and reflective practice; and how these impact learning and achievement.

Introduction (Rationale):

This course will specifically equip in-service nurses and midwives with the skills to apply EmoEles, a self-directed learning system that stimulates critical thinking for effective studying and learning as they pursue their required continuing education and professional development throughout their career.

The pedagogical approach of this training is based on interactive and experiential learning, whereby the participants will actively learn by interacting among themselves and with facilitators through multiple discussion boards before, during, and after the sessions; and use a hands-on approach to learning that goes beyond the period of training; informed by their pre and post-training knowledge, experience, and reflections. These are aimed at shaping and sharpening the knowledge, competencies, and practice of participants in their profession, and enhancing their skill in the subject matter.

Competencies to be Acquired:

Functional outcomes:

– application of Critical Thinking (CT) in self-directed study;

– use of EmoEles as a comprehensive self-directed learning tool for continuous/lifelong learning;

– application of Critical Thinking (CT) in the design of innovative solutions to problems.

The methods of assessment will, among others, emphasize participants’ hands-on application of what they have learned.

Course Certification

Participants who meet the course requirements (incl. a 50% pass on the final assessment in this LMS) will receive a Certificate of Achievement issued in electronic format.


  1. Overview
  2. Critical 21st Century Skills for Effective Healthcare Practice
  3. Introduction to Self-directed Study with EmoEles
  4. Critical Thinking in Self-directed Study with EmoEles
  5. Application of EmoEles in Continuous Learning
  6. Summative Assessments (in LMS)
  7. Certification (in LMS)


Course format: Online, self-paced, including scheduled online Q&As with course facilitators

Language: English ‎(en)‎

Time required: 6 hours (estimated)

Course accreditation: Reviewed and accredited by the Nursing & Midwifery Council (N&MC) of Ghana.

N&MC CPD Credits: 3 CPD points awarded to registrants who meet the course requirements.

Target Group: All practicing nurses and midwives in Ghana.

Method to be used for obtaining feedback or evaluation of the program:

  1. Formative and summative assessment of participants
  2. Questionnaires/Feedback forms
  3. Video testimonials

IPR Notice:

This training/course content is heavily subsidized and intended only for your personal use. Reselling without the written permission of the copyright owner is prohibited.

No part of the EmoEles program is to be reproduced by any means. EmoEles, including related creations, is not licensed for any third-party commercial business activity, non-profit business activity, or revenue-generating business activity, except for the use as described in the preceding paragraph.

Please proceed to participate in this training only if you agree.

(c) Cledor Ltd.