Final Assessment (WAW)

This final assessment is what will be used to score your points. For purposes of awarding CPD points, there is no required minimum score on this assessment. Your actual score will determine how much of the 8 CPD points you will earn in the NTC portal (i.e. for example, a score of 100% will earn you all 8 points, 50% will earn you 4 points, whiles 0% earns you nothing). You will however require a pass mark of 60% for your certificate and points to be generated in this Learning Management System (LMS). Note that the final assessment items will be randomized for each test-taker. Don’t be worried; participants who have learned the contents and passed the quizzes stand a better chance of scoring highly on this assessment. Please check your email inbox or spam folder for a notification about your test when you complete it. Before you begin this test, please go to Account Details (where you changed your password to activate the links in this LMS) and ensure that your First Name and Last Name fields are properly filled and saved.

You will have only one attempt on this test. There are 34 single-choice questions. You will have 35 minutes to complete it. For each question, choose an option that indicates the correct or most correct of the possible answers: