Memory & Recall/Mnemonic Devices in Teaching and Learning

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This professional development module is the second of a series of course modules introduced by Cledor Education, titled “Innovations in pedagogy, self-directed study, and reflective practice”. All teachers are encouraged to register for modules in accordance with the order prescribed in the series since each additional module builds upon the knowledge and skills acquired from the preceding one.


The purpose of this course module is to equip participants with insightful knowledge of the creation and use of mnemonics necessary for their students to do effective recall of facts during teaching and self-directed study.



By the end of this module, participants will:

  1. Understand the basis for mnemonics and discuss with colleagues how they may be actively incorporated into teaching and learning
  2. Analyze some types and examples of mnemonics
  3. Learn and practice creating different types of mnemonics

Course Module Certification

Participants who meet the course module requirements will receive a Certificate of Achievement issued in electronic format.


1. How Mnemonics Work

2. Types of Mnemonics

  • Sentence Mnemonics
  • Acronym Mnemonics
  • Method of Loci

3. Mnemonic Applications in Teaching and Self-directed Study

  • Mnemonics for Lists
  • Mnemonics for Number Sequences
  • Mnemonics for Foreign/New Words

4. Summative Assessments

5. Certification


Course format: Online/Internet-based

Language: English ‎(en)‎

Time required: 3 hours in one day

Dates, Time, and Selected Districts:

Participating districts are categorized into 4 groups namely A, B, C, and D.

Group A:              La-Nkwantanang, Adenta, Ashaiman, Sekyere South, Savelugu

Group B:              Ningo Prampram, La-Dade kotopon, Ga Central, Ga West, Ada East

Group C:              Accra Metro, Kpone Katamanso, Ga South, Shai Osudoku

Group D:              Tema Metro, Ledzokuku Krowor, Ada West, Ga East

 Group AGroup BGroup C



Group D



Module 1Thursday, June 3Tuesday, June 8

Thursday, June 10

Tuesday, June 15
Module 2Thursday, June 17Tuesday, June 22

Thursday, June 24

Tuesday, June 29
Module 3Thursday, July 1Tuesday, July 6

Thursday, July 8

Tuesday, July 13
Module 4Thursday, July 15Thursday, July 22

Tuesday, July 27

Thursday, July 29


  • Sessions are scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Where registrations exceed available spaces for a training, some districts will be rescheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays.
  • Sessions will be held after school on the indicated dates, starting at 3 pm prompt

Course access: Reviewed by NTC and approved for teacher registration

Target Group: Teachers in all ranks, education/non-teaching staff

Method of recording and keeping attendance: Teacher’s INSET Logbook, NTC’s digital register for teachers, Cledor Education’s attendance register

Intended mechanism for monitoring attendance and active participation (per hour or per session) for the duration of the activity: Periodic recording of participant list; use of interactive learning; periodic formative activities, others are: Attendance register, Q&A, and group activities.

Method to be used for obtaining feedback or evaluation of the program:

  1. Formative and summative assessment of participants
  2. Questionnaires/Feedback forms
  3. Video testimonials

List of references for participants to consult ahead of training:

  • Updates will be available on discussion boards

Please note that there is a live Q&A session with the course facilitator.

Facilitator Information

Name: Francis Mensah-Okyere

Position: CEO, Cledor Ltd.; Creator, EmoEles

Telephone: 024 931 4836

Email: francis.me@mycarthouse.com


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