What is EmoEles?

You may agree that just as the teacher is trained to teach, the learner must as well be trained in how to do effective learning. This is what EmoEles is all about. It is a student-led inquiry and self-directed learning tool/system that stimulates critical thinking when used in the self-study of any standard textbook or learning medium. Before anyone can use this tool effectively, they will need some level of training. This training equips the student and/or teacher with key skills with which to constantly stimulate critical thinking in the teaching and learning process, as against the tendency to use the rote “chew and pour” methods. As implied above, EmoEles is a very useful pedagogical tool for teachers as well. It is also a valuable tool for reflective practice in teaching and learning. I will be publishing on those aspects of EmoEles in another post.

Discouraging rote learning does not mean that it is entirely bad. It is useful for instance at the pre-school level where the child is yet to develop the cognitive abilities for meaningful analysis. So they learn some of the things at that stage just by repeating after the teacher without necessarily understanding what they say.

The expectation is that as they grow and progress on the education ladder, they would drop the rote methods and adopt a more critical thinking approach to learning. But without the training in how to apply critical thinking in studying and learning, the natural tendency is for them to continue using the rote methods. Those who are very good at the rote are often able to score excellent grades in exams, giving their parents and teachers the wrong impression that they are learning. These children are encouraged as a result and progress through secondary school to university where they may graduate in even the first class.

You see, upon graduating, even where they desired to start an own business, the new graduate may have to find a job at least to gain some experience for further career progression. This is where they meet the most challenges and frustration. That is because many established employers are using aptitude/psychometric tests to screen and find candidates who are capable of thinking on the feet and of solving problems on the job. Where the candidate has not developed skills in critical thinking, he/she would be unlikely to pass an aptitude test and unable to get the desired job or work. As a result, the graduate may become a source of worry, and often an increased emotional and/or financial burden for parents and family who may have invested so much into the individual’s education beforehand. This situation may become even more distressing where it happens at a time when the parents or sponsors are already on retirement or are nearing that stage of theirs lives.

It is for these reasons that EmoEles was designed and endorsed by key stakeholders in education to tackle the problem described above early on. EmoEles has recorded so much success that Cledor offers a hundred percent (100%) satisfaction guarantee to its buyers.

Have you had an EmoEles experience? Please share it with us! Feel free to comment on this post as well.

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