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The sensitization workshop on NTC activities and education policies is hosted by Cledor Education under the auspices of the National Teaching Council (NTC). The program for each district will consist of a series of four (4) sensitization areas, each of which will be organized in a prescribed order. This workshop attracts a maximum of 8 credit points.

The objective of the series in this workshop is to provide participants with the knowledge and understanding of all matters related to teacher CPD, licensing, and registration in Ghana as mandated by the Education Regulatory Bodies Act 2020, Act 1023, and implemented by the National Teaching Council. The workshop will equip participants with the necessary aptitudes with which to practice and make well-informed decisions related to their career as licensed in-service teachers.

Format: Online/Internet-based with Learning Management System (LMS)

Language: English ‎(en)‎

Time required: 4 hours to be spread over up to 2 days

Start Dates, Time, and Selected Districts:

Participating districts are categorized into 3 groups namely A, B, and C.

Group A:              Akwapim North Municipal

Group B:              Wasa Amenfi East Municipal

Group C:              Wasa Amenfi West Municipal


Group A

Group B

Group C





Sensitization Workshop on Education Policies

Akuapim North: 8th Oct @ 4pm

Wasa Amenfi East: 11th Oct @ 4pm

Wasa Amenfi West: 12th Oct @ 4pm


  • Though sessions are scheduled to start on specific dates, teachers who register and make payment early will be allowed to start self-paced activities in their LMS earlier. That means persons who start earlier will have additional time to acquaint themselves with their LMS and complete self-paced activities.
  • Teachers will have up to 2 consecutive days (excluding Sundays) from the indicated start date to complete this workshop. During this period, various online discussions, breakout sessions, activities, presentations, and Q&A sessions will be scheduled for constituent groups.
  • This workshop has been significantly discounted for all in-service teachers in the selected districts.
  • Target Group: Teachers in all ranks, teaching/non-teaching staff
  • Method of recording and keeping attendance: Teacher’s INSET Logbook, NTC’s digital register for teachers, Cledor Education’s attendance register
  • Intended mechanisms for monitoring attendance and active participation (per hour or session) for the duration of the activity: Periodic recording of participant list; use of interactive learning; periodic formative activities, others are: Attendance register, Q&A, and group activities.
  • Method to be used for obtaining feedback or evaluation of the program:
      1. Formative and summative assessment of participants
      2. Questionnaires/Feedback forms
      3. Video testimonial

The proposed evaluation/feedback form is enclosed

  • List of references for participants to consult ahead of training:
    • Updates will be available in LMS and on discussion boards
  • Please note that there is a live Q&A session with the program facilitator.

    • Supplementary contents and activities will be available in participants’ LMS

Facilitator Information

Name: Francis Mensah-Okyere

Position: CEO, Cledor Ltd.

WhatsApp/Telephone: 054 632 0697/ 024 931 4836

Email: [email protected]


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